Arizona Community Specialists is moving to Epic!

Please be patient with us.

What is Epic?

Epic is an industry leader in electronic medical records technology.  Epic provides a comprehensive electronic medical record and is utilized by leading health care providers and hospitals across the country. It allows for better provider-to-provider communication, enhanced care coordination and secure sharing of patient health information.

Our Transition Process

ACS will go live May 17th, 2021.  During our go-live period, there may be some increased wait times when you call or come in for an appointment.  We may have to collect some additional information from you to complete our new Epic electronic record.

We are asking for you to be understanding and patient with us during this transitional period.  You may experience increased wait times when calling or during your appointment as our staff continue to learn the Epic system. This change will improve your care!

Epic’s Patient Portal MyChart

Epic’s patient portal, MyChart, improves communication between you and our providers.  It is ACS’s preferred method to collect information from you before you come to the office. MyChart is free, easy and a secure way to view your health information and communicate with your healthcare team. All you need is internet access and e-mail. If you are a current patient, we encourage you to sign up now.  The NextGen portal will be disabled May 17, 2021.

Connecting Your Chart with Epic Hospitals

Epic allows ACS to connect with hospitals locally and across the country who use Epic.  We also connected to primary care and specialty care providers using Epic.  Connecting with Epic partners will ultimately improve the care you receive.  

One of Epic’s greatest advantages is that it helps to enable all patients to become more active participants in their own care and improves communication across doctors, specialists, and hospitals.

We are excited to join the Epic community

Arizona Community Specialists looks forward to serving you!